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1101: today we had a fantastic wiki workshop!

highlights (please add to this list):

Collaboration Station sang Brandon's diamond-cut who-are-you remix

Thinking Is Linking experienced wiki "aha!!!" moments and are ready to click edit and shreddy

We wrote on each others' pages

ethos, logos, pathos and the importance of actual audiences

'zine culture: we talked about our first unit assignment. Should we make a 'zine for USF CSC?

mixmaster blogging - how to grow an argument in short order

tagging: yer it!

definitions of sustainability: who's your audience?

we agreed that week one was for hacking the wiki, and that it will be easy to catch up during week 2. No penalties for completing WeekOne during WeekTwo


Finally, we came up with a focus assignment for this week:


ethnography/interview assignment (writing to explore):

for this week, we will write to share and write to explore.



first, ask google:

what is community literacy(Best explanation I could find)?


what is green computing?




a) conduct an ethnography


vistit, observe, and create a description of a community center, school, or nonprofit here in St. Pete. collect brochures, mission statements, and other literature that will help you compose your description. This description will help you design questions for your interview




b) conduct an interview.


From your description, script questions hinging on this issue: "green computing." Arrange and conduct an interview with an employee or stakeholder at your site. Record the interview by either taking notes, recording audio, or recording video.



c) prepare a brief feasibility report: evaluate the scenario, make a recommendation concerning green computing. Would your site have any use for green computing? Share these potentials with the wiki.

1102: in lieu of meeting on Labor Day, we will read the following sections of our required texts, and write a brief summary or response, highlighting the most salient/useful/interesting points/ideas that you noticed or invented while engaging these texts, then post it to the wiki by midnight EST, on Sunday, September 7th.


Guide Chapter 4

McCloud Chapter 1

Shiva "Introduction"

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