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Page history last edited by schan 14 years, 7 months ago

1101 10.10.08

weaving definition and cause


If you didn't get to see the movie or didn't understand it...click here


from invention to arrangement: obsession remix bonanza


what's a trope? obsession, zeitgeist


finding tropes of sustainability in money as debt


how to conclude a causal argument?


Required Midterm Reflection due Wednesday October 22nd


read for next time:

Guide chapter 7 (writing to analyze) and chapter 8 (writing to convince)

McCloud Chapter 4



roll call:




Savannah (we miss you!)




writing to explore.....writing to persuade

1102 10.6.08

in class: debating/dissipating as strategies of invention; view zeitgeist, respond

for this week:

-prepare your mid-term reflection, post to the wiki

-invent a causal argument for unit two: some of you like to flow, some of you like to create lists/brainstorms/diagrams. In any event, actively apply the invention strategies of your choice to a specific causal analysis and thesis statement that you will grow into a fully developed argument for unit two.

-post your in-class writing for Zeitgeist, on this page, below.




-personal, civic, and professional audiences: different strokes for different folks


-the gutter


-writing a reflection


-from telos to amplification: making everything a cause


-looking ahead: prepare by learning about electronic portfolios


-cluster composing: different ways to form groups, differences between "collaboration" and distributed/coordinated writing






Zeitgeist In-class Writings:








Fear is something that becomes currency on both sides Roshi7


Barry's Zeitgeist Post


Andrea (Still sick, but all my assigments are up under "now playing" on my page)


Jaime Grullon


Lauren Dow


Adam Parker




Scott Kale - Zeitgeist http://sustainableidentities.pbwiki.com/Zeitgeist



Roshi7 money as debt


Scott Kale - Money As Debt http://sustainableidentities.pbwiki.com/money%20as%20debt


Lauren Dow-Money as Debt 




Asylum Street Spankers posted by Roshi7


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