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Sustainable Identities - Lydia

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Sustainability exercise




To me, sustainability simply is the best means to an end. the means being the 'sustainability', the ends being a generally well working enviornment/status or more simply stated, sustainability is the progress and measures necessary to keep a sufficient environment/status without penalizing the future.


I followed the following links:


  • Millennium ecosystem assessment because I was curious to see how much is cost to get such research.
  • biogeochemical cycle - I decided to click on this link because I remembered from my enviornmental class the cycles, and wondered if they were specifically talking about greenhouse gasses or just the basic 6 cycles.
  • cretaceous - tertiary extinction - to be honest, i followed this link because the named confused me, and i wasnt positive they were talking about dinosaurs. and technically they were not just talking about dinosaurs but also other forms of rocks. Most scientists now refer to this time period as the cretaceous - paleogene era.
  • global warming - there are many disputes about weather or not global warming is actually occuring and i have heard both of the stories. personally i dont see how someone who is not a scientist could disagree with all of the supporting data. of course things like this have happened in the past, and when it was great intervals such as these, there were devastating consequences. this is the biggest jump we've had in a long time, and i simply dont think it can be a "coincidence" as some plead.
  • irradiance - i didnt know what this word meant, so i followed it. it's simply a term for the power of electromagnatic radiation at a surface, per unit area.




the only thing i would edit on this page is the beginning paragraphs. the first few sentences state that sustainability concerns the future outcomes and how they can effect things to come. i found throughout the article different issues presented, but hardly any stated information affecting the future.


Becky says I agree, all the titles of the links only appealed to me because I was curious to figure out what the names meant, im not really into the whole "environement thing" and i didnt take any environmental classes. The dinosaurs thing i thought was funny because everytime i hear the word extinction I definatly thought they were refering to dinosaurs, i'm glad we have that connection ms. lydia :) I really haven't made the connection between the environment and sustainability in writing and composition. For example, if sustainability is the "progress and measures necessary to keep a sufficent environment/status without penalizing the future", why are we writing about it in composition I? if i wanted to take an environmental class I would have enrolled in it. However, i am starting to understand this wiki bullshit.


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