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Staying True to Myself

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Yo what's up everyone, my name is Drew I'm a business econ major and have taken a class with Trey before, my most important advice is keep an open mind, but never deny your beliefs in this class. I'm 18 starting my second half of my freshman year. I hope to get enough credits by the end of summer session to transfer to UCF so I can be with my fiance. Unity: Photo by Photographer Ali M.SH - photo.net-1.webarchive I am also very into music and find answers to almost any problem in music. wiki playlist I will try and keep this wiki from being redundant of my prior wiki mypriorwiki So I spent most of my time over summer hanging out with my friends from high school and my now fiance :-) (I know i already said that i was engaged but I just can't believe that it is true). I'm a huge beach bum so I had to go to the beach at least twice a week or I went insane. My philosophy of life is to just have fun and not step on peoples ideals along the way. Be great in act, as you have been in thought (William Shakespeare). So if yall need any help on the wiki hit me up on aim at jesuswithatwist (high school nickname).




mixed blood

This is a piece i read in anthropology about the creation of race with is pure the product of constructed reality. This piece i think is exponential relevant considering the choice hopefully most will be making come november.



DEEROO Assignments


taking the plunge








I can't help but think of my fiance (the beautiful girl in the picture with me above) every time i hear this song. She is my whole world and without her i would still be the same lazy kid, wasting time and neglecting knowledge i was before we met if it wasn't for her.


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Final Project Proposal

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Anonymous said

at 11:58 am on Sep 5, 2008

dude! you're Drew Johnson, right? I remember yoooou. Small world.

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