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social technologies

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The USFSP Coalition for a Sustainable Campus group will focus on establishing and maintaining sustainable information practices/infrastructure for IEES:


Electronic communication tools


Year 1:


facilitate the sharing of information with wiki, flickr, facebook, an IEES de.licio.us and twitter profiles, youtube playlists featuring IEES workshops and faqs, discussion forums in sakai or other open source alternative to blackboard.


Electronic conferencing tools


facilitate interactive information exchange within IEES, between IEES and the larger USFSP community, and between IEES and the local communities of St. Petersburg.


Year 1:


instant messaging




year 3:


data conferencing


application sharing via server


year 5:


virtual network computing (VNC) and electronic meeting system (EMS) for meetings in the IEES center, perhaps test at Weedon Island as well.

Collaborative management tools


use common tools to coordinate and manage IEES activities:


Year 1: google calendar, 30boxes or other time management software


Year 3: IEES project management module in place


By Year 5: IEES server-hosted knowledge management and workflow system in place.


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