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Dividendia intentio animi

Dr. Trey Conner


I.M. handle: "rhythmizomenoid"

skype: dial "Trey Conner"



"For to look to the right, as everybody teaches, and to look forward, depends not merely on rule, but on habit, since, while the child is looking to what follows, he has to pronounce what goes before, and, what is very difficult, the direction of his thoughts must be divided, so that one duty may be discharged with his voice, and another with his eyes"-Quintilian, Institutes of Oratory I, I, 34





TREY. Hope you're having a sweet winter break.

I sent you a (pretty important) email about this upcoming semester. Did you receive it? If not, I'll re-send it. -- Jesse Nevel


Trey i posted everything u asked for sorry about that - Alex Moser


I sent you an email, but I wasn't sure if your email was working or not. Let me know and if not I'll just put what I wrote on here. Thank you! - Lauren Dow



Trey, I'm just letting you know that I sent you an email. I really hope you get it... if not please let me know! -Liz Wilson

Comments (4)

Anonymous said

at 4:33 pm on Oct 12, 2008

hey trey! so i didn't want to ask this question because then you'll know i haven't been reading.. but i do want to catch up so.. what are all the chapters i'm supposed to read from week1-week7. sorrryy i'm so behind on things.. i'm catching up now :]

Anonymous said

at 12:53 am on Oct 20, 2008

hey trey i've been at the rays games all weekend and was wondering if it would be ok for me to put my rough draft up by class tomorrow. I know i should have better prioritized my time this weekend, but this was a once in a life time weekend that i just couldn't pass up. I will have my paper up by 11 am tomorrow if not sooner. And are we doing another rough draft workshop tomorrow? if so ill be on the wiki for class tomorrow, but i doubt ill be in class. Sry man.

Anonymous said

at 5:20 pm on Nov 17, 2008

hey trey, sorry i didnt make it to class last week, i was really sick. But i'm also in the middle of resolving a pretty big issue with my computer. I guess i caught some kind of virus and it's not letting passed any security barriers on the internet(i.e. oasis, myusf, email, and editing wiki pages). I dont readily have access to other computers so i'm sorry if it looks like im not doing anything.

Anonymous said

at 3:44 pm on Dec 9, 2008

okay i'm on this page and not quite sure what it is i'm supposed to be doing???

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