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I plan on doing my project on the importance of political activism and continually questioning what society and government tells us to do and be. A lot of my writings have been relating to this idea so I want to incorporate them and other things into a zine. I'll use my writings as well as collaging and photographs, copy machines, and scissors to express my ideas. I would like to make a cd of protest music as well because a lot of my inspiration comes from the musicians I've met and seen and listened to. I love hating and disagreeing and complaining and explaining. I will scan pages onto the wiki and upload the playlist as well. I've done a lot with this recently. I went to a protest for Prop 8 a couple weeks ago with some friends. I am trying to get some musical activists to come to USF and talk to the students. AND had many epiphanies while in Gainesville for the music festival. All will be included!I've always always wanted to create a zine and I'm very excited about starting.





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