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 Chapter 3


As I was reading the book goes into depth about closure I wasnt to sure about what he was talking about. I thought closure was something you got from being around your friends or people who are like you. Closer in this case was the preception that a person has during a story, movie, comic, picture. He breaks it down with the comics as the space between the slides or windows as the gutter.....blood gutter. The gutter is were the human mind takes over and decides what is going on in this blank area of space, if a scene from a comic is thown out there and it has one part where a cop car is in presuit of a fleeing vehicle and they are driving down a busy street, and it shoots to the next scene and it shows that people are screaming or crying out for help it must be that the car has hit someone. But the problem I am having is that if all this is going on, and bam it shoots to another scene, is the author just hoping that the reader is going to be thinking the same as him? But what if the reader is thinking that the driver was struck with a bullet from the cop......sure the author or creator could argue that he didnt draw the cop shooting, but also the reader could just precieve that in the gutter. Comics are a confusing world and it is half what the creator wants your to think and the other have is what you want to think.

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