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Mash them up

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Alba (above) is a recombinant creature formed by splicing the genes of a jellyfish into an albino bunny and bathing the organism in uv light. As a transgenic organism, Alba exemplifies changes to our society and self understanding that can be induced by technical change.


In Digital Copyright, wrapping up a rap on the history of composition in new media, Jessica Litman offers a provocative claim about the creative potential of networks. "The most exciting possibilities offered by networked digital technology aren't its potential to allow the instant distribution of books, music, and movies, but, rather, its capacity to generate new classes of [unbooks, unmusic, and unmovies"] (Digital Copyright 108). Remix culture consistently cuts against (and with) established formats for bundling information. Perhaps the easiest way to make something new is to simply "mash" two things together, and then carefully consider the new "mesh" that results.


Blog: Listen again to our Freesound compositions. Select two compositions that you think would sound good together. Now, create a mashup with your web browser by simply playing both scores at the same time. What is the relationship between your intention ( what you want it to sound like) and the outcome ( what it sounds like.) How would you alter it to improve it? You could think in terms of "rhetorical effects," along the lines of the 3 appeals (logos, ethos, pathos), or any other effect that you might create with sounds, words, or images.


Go further, add sounds, images, or words to your remix. Or, subtract sounds, images, and words from the compositions you selected for remixing. Describe the effect of the composition before and after your additions and re-purposing. What do your additions and/or subtractions do? Do they amplify the effects of the composition as you found it? Reverse them? Did your changes simplify or add complexity?


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