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Keeping the Peace

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What its All About

Hey i'm Rachel and I grew up in Clearwater. Close to home is something that i wanted to have when it came to choosing my future. I get homesick and sick of home. I am 18 and this is my freshman year at USFSP. I live on campus and work there too. I have 2 jobs to pay my bills. Some say i'm shy some say i'm goofy. It doesnt matter to me. No matter how much you push me around I wont fight back. My philosophy is similar to that of Ghandi's. I am Christian and I attend New Testament Baptist Church in Largo, Florida 3 times a week.



Assignment for Sustainability

i am


liNk piLe 




creative commons


green computing


peer review: Roshi7


peer review: andrea


peer review: adam


http://sustainableidentities.pbwiki.com/barriers%20to%20sustainability%20edited  Rachel Jane's paper edited by Scott.  Good essay, i put some ideas down for you to add if you want to make your paper longer. Good luck:) BTW I like your "who" lyrics.




 cover sheet: Barriers

 Final Draft: Barriers

 Reflection: Barriers

 peer review: Roshi7

 peer review: andrea

 peer review: adam




Contact Me

Email.        rayraynycgirl@aim.com

aim.           rayraynycgirl

myspace.    RachelJane

facebook.    RJ Lancaster



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