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James Fleeting

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Contact Info

My aim = JesusFleeting


Phone = 727 735 8729

Email = Audrin@gmail.com



James Fleeting Assignments


About Me

In the beginning, there was me. Then came a loud noise, and lots of expansion, and if you believe the church, quite a bit of magic. Personally I didn't see anything out there but light and dark. Billions of years later, or a few thousand if you believe the church, I moved from Scotland to Florida at the age of eleven.


I speak Japanese at a 5th grade level, which is to say about as well as the average japanese speaks english. I've traveled fairly extensively, been to Japan a few times, all over Europe, all three North American countries. Really want to go back to both Kyoto and Amsterdam, which I visited while twelve and too young to enjoy it. China's top on my 'places i've yet to visit.'


Indian cuisine is my absolute favorite. I could eat Murgh Makhni every night for the rest of my life and die happy (a few weeks later from heart disease, I'd imagine.)


I'm a militant athiest, and greatly bothered by the concept of pre-packaged answers, or people who devote themselves to things they can't possibly know. I used to torment myself with the bigger questions of life, until a few years ago when I came to this conclusion;


Life without purpose. An existence without meaning. This is the conundrum that presents itself to any being that spends too much time wandering the plane of thought. All sentient beings wonder, at one point in their lives or another, why they exist. To what purpose they, as an individual, as a civilization, and as a species exist. Many accept the ready-made answer of a God, be he a benevolent Father figure or an omnipotent being to be appeased.


To those though who are dissatisfied with another's answer and wish to seek their own, the nagging question of "Why?" persists. At this point though, two paths of thought present themselves, or at least two stand out from the crowd of potential ideas. The first is that there is no answer, that we exist in a Universe without purpose or direction, and that once the energies that animate all existence around us have burned out there will be nothing left. The cosmic accident that is existence will have ended.


The second idea offers a little more comfort, to those that know how to seek it. Why? can be answered with the question, Why not? Existence, life, and being are the answers to their own question. Life exists simply because it can, and in the execution of our lives from birth to death we fulfill the only purpose we ever had; to live. For many this is the most terrifying idea of all; That there is no destination to life, other than death. We run our course, and then we're done and it is another's turn at existence.


In this idea though, humanity can find the only true freedom we'll ever know. If we, the intellectuals of our race, can disconnect ourselves from the nagging questions of How, Why, and Who, (as the ignorant masses seem to do so easily) and simply get on with the exercise of living, we can at least die knowing we didn't live pursuing futility.


Some would call me an exostentialist, but that's another label.


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