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Hello Lauren!


I see you're on the wiki--you're off to a great start. I love the compression in your opening gesture; one-word sentences, one after the other, creating openings aplenty. As for your 4 questions:


1. Yes--do all three exercises on the who are you page.


2. to play the license exercise, go through the process at the creative commons site and then paste the html they give you to your wiki space--don't forget to remove the stray "zero" in the code:


1. Find the area in the code where: style="border-width:0" is written.

2. Delete the 0 so that it becomes this: style="border-width:"

3. Save and problem solved.


3. Regarding the 5 links, yes, yes, exactly as you say ("branching") follow your interests where they take you, and narrate your journey, as you have already begun to do, here


4. LinkPile: the 5 links that you write about in your "what is sustainability" reflection + 5 more links (bonus tracks) all go onto the LinkPile and on your wiki page (you're building you're own bibliography but also making creating a commons)


All questions are good, there are no stupid questions, and I love questions, so keep 'em coming!


And remember, there's no one "right" way to communicate on the wiki. All styles are welcome, and many more will be invented...


see you on the wiki,




I have a question about a wiki page deletion. My "Who Am I" page was accidentally deleted. Is there any way to save it?????? -Zach



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