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final project ideas-kim nunez

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 5 months ago

My final project idea.


I have decided to create an art piece. No i cant draw at all what so ever or paint the last supper BUT i can use my creativity in other ways. By putting together things that others have created and make it my own =)


I love graphics and making my myspace page full of them. So why not make this project full of graphics. I will put together a poster that will have graphics that have things i am interested in as well as elements. I have recently discovered my interest in feng shui and starting to live in harmony. I will incorporate the elements presented here and use graphics to creat my art piece.


Great idea! Are you planning to put one of your unit assignments into this new graphics-laden multimedia format? Who will be the target audience for this remix? I'm looking forward to seeing the way feng shui will inform the layout (even the linking sequences) of your piece. Will you be willing to start things off tomorrow?





I have different pieces im working on. I have two pictures im adding stuff to it so far im robably going to end up with 3 and one of them will be feng shui , the other one will be whats going on in the world today and the third one my interests as the "artist" from there i wi develop a paper =) im working it on it right now and it will be done for early morning thursday. im excited!




                                                                               --->    MY FINAL PROJECT    <-----

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