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course roster

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    • trey, sorry i missed class i have bronchitis -marissa

DITTO! :( I was planning on sitting in on the wiki but I fell way asleep until now. Sorry.- Jocelyn










Alex Moser

Kristin Stigaard

Becky Newman

Lydia Mott

Deidre Nieves

Joe's Domain

Jocelyn Wallace!

Marissa Silvers

Kimberly Nunez!

Jessica Vaughan

Colin O'Hara

Sarah Richardson

Amelia Singh

Zachary Spates

Mikaella Moore

Liz Wilson

Sam Reish

Jonny Norris

Brittney Williams

Jesse Nevel

Brandon Reed's Home Page

Brittany Russell

Jamal Wise

Morgan Schmoll

Cali Strickler







Collaboration Station


Shiva Discussions

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