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course portfolio - Lydia Mott

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The Course Portfolio: release a greatest wiki hits playlist!

Just as important as your project is your FINAL PORTFOLIO, because it's also worth 25% of your final grade. Basically, this is a cumulative statement-of-purpose/cover sheet/reflection with links that directs the grading committee's attention to your best work (link to any writing anywhere from anytime during the semester--this your "greatest hits" compilation) as pertaining to the 4 WPA rubrics:


1. rhetorical knowledge

 this paper below is a great example of rhetorical knowledge because it is based off a everyday part of life. Love is everywhere we go, whether you see it or not. Thing things we see and appreciate such as buildings or anything created were created out of love for the job and love for the art from the artist. Love is also between the people that we see daily. Love between them and their family members or te lack off has turned them into the people they have become. This has also created our population! so this basic fact that has supported and encouraged so much in our world, and i simply brought to attention the overuse of the word between significant others and how it has depreciated the word.


2. critical thinking/reading/writing

critical thinking reading and writing was really well portrayed within my first essay about sustainble cultures in our class book. After reading the book, I questioned a definition in the book then prooved it wrong with a realitic example from the dorm life. week 3


3. evidence of your writing process (sequencing chats-->brainstorms-->blogs-->rough drafts-->final drafts)

week 11 paper has a coversheet that shows my brainstorming thoughts.


4. awareness of different conventions, formatting styles, and genres of argumentation

The link below best shows this because it shows first the rough draft and my formatting styles and how although my sloppiness can help me better connect with the audience, however doesnt connect my thoughts as thoroughly. However, after reading what my mistakes were from my peers, I was able to allow my final draft to not only make my points valid and obvious to the reader, but also convey them in a humorous way while keeping a consistant flow.

The cover pages that we are required to use for every paper also help me analyze how i use pathos, logos, and ethos, which is very helpful for future essays because it starts to become natural.


greatest work::   week 11 paper




To define love is to cut a hole in smoke. You can imagine you did, and convince yourself that you did, but all the while it was impossible. I believe love to be the hardest universal word to define simply because it depends on so many factors such as one’s past experience, role models, their goals and what morals all of this eventually instilled inside their minds.

     It is generally believed that the sole purpose of life on earth is for procreation. We were simply put on this earth to find the other person that makes us tick and eventually produce offspring. This arises many questions such as is there someone for everyone? Is fate involved? Is love just the intense feeling of lust? The questions are never-ending and I’m sure change with every person. However, there are 3 main groups. Love is everywhere. Love is rare. Love is nonexistent.

     Those who believe love is everywhere were usually surrounded by a loving family who did not get divorced, rarely fought, and always kept their chins up. These people tend to confess their undying love for more than a couple people rather soon in the relationship. These fortunate souls also believe in love at first sight and that anything is possible.

     The ‘Love is nonexistent’ category consists of those who were surrounded by fighting and had relationships end badly either with death, fidelity, or consistent disappointment. Their surroundings have given them no reason to think optimistically and therefore it hinders their ability to try in their relationships. Again these are broad categories and there are exceptions to everything.

     The final category is for realists who are not optimists nor pessimistic so to say, but simply go with the flow. They believe the matter of ‘true love’ is a rare one, and only few people are lucky enough to find their true soul mate. These subjects have balanced experiences of bad and good relationships; either ones involving themselves and a significant other or a relative relationship they were constantly around. The consistent believe is that everything happens for a reason, and if you can’t run from it, and you can’t fight it, flow with it.

     Other factors include the time period each relationship occurred in, weather their own or the one influencing their morals. During the 60’s, war was constantly being ensued and it was normal for teenagers to get married before their big strapping men were sent off to war. To most of these families, the catholic belief that divorce was simply unacceptable prohibited them from ever facing reality – though an equal portion was just as happy as the others were miserable. Today, woman are now chasing their dreams and pursuing careers which has increased the age at which most women get married. Culture is also a very important factor for some countries such as those in Africa that base their economic living standards off their children. The more family members, the quicker the chores get done and more food can be harvested which encourages marriage. Past experiences that could hinder triumphs of ‘love’ could be a young abortion that left a stain on the heart, or even a first boyfriend who broke your trust so badly it is no longer worth the risk. Awful things happen to couples everyday such as beatings, rapes, and infidelities; and in a world full of hate, it makes it just as hard to see past the dark and strive for the light on the other side of the un-cutable smoke.

     This is where the conversation begins to take form. I believe it is improbable that love is attainable before a certain age. I believe the term ‘love’ is thrown around too easily and therefore has lost meaning. If ‘I love you’ is no longer a statement to be taken seriously, then the basis of life will change. It personally makes me sick to watch a 16 year old girl walk up to her boyfriend of 4 days and say I love you, shortly followed by a breakup letter from his wingman that is slowly receiving more blotches of mascara. As a member of the ‘realistic’ category, love is rare, and love is not easily attained nor simply forgotten. To love someone is to enjoy that person for who they are body, mind, and soul, bad days or good. To accept that there are going to be rough times where fighting is necessary and some compensation might be needed but not enough to compromise who you are. This brings me to my point associated with age. With age, comes experience; with experience comes knowledge; and with knowledge comes wisdom. The necessary mistakes and choices every person makes in their younger teenage years define their decisions later. Whether it’s recognizable or not, a previous decision changes your next move. You can’t move the knight piece if a pawn is in your way. Once the pawn is moved however, there could be a better action than previously conceived. Basically, get fundamentals of life out of the way, then worry about the complicated stuff. There is no reason to rush the game, and the possibility of the queen swiftly moving across the board on a person’s first time playing is unlikely, however it does happen with the right moves. Similarly, young love is unlikely, but possible.

     Furthermore, over half of today’s marriages are lost to divorce and I believe it to be afflicted by the rush into relationships at such an early age and the casual use of the phrase "I love you." Babies are being born earlier than generally desired and our economic standing is being affected by our high divorce rates. Though the divorce courts give people jobs, this world would be better off without it. Fixing these rates could alter the percentage of each ‘love category’ and put more happiness into the world, possibly truly fulfilling our ‘purpose’ of being here. To find love is rare in itself, to be young and in love is even rarer. Don’t settle, but don’t be stubborn. Don’t forget who you are but remember who you want to become.

     To define love is as if to cut a hole into smoke. Impossible as it may be, people will never stop trying. Why? I believe it’s Because it is what ultimately drives us to survive. To find that other person that makes us whole and allows us to have children that we can raise to do the same and better this world. Although my point stands that love is too frequently said, commonly undermined, and regularly rushed, it unquestionably can exist at all ages. My final words to those of the other distant ‘groups’: Be realistic, be hopeful but most of all, be yourself.

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