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Brandon Reed Freesound

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Wow this is really more interesting that I thought it would be. It's interesting how music tracks can mix together and create something. This particular mix gives me the feeling of a back alley mugging or robbing of some sort in a huge, crime filled city. Like New York or more fictionally, Gotham city. It's got a storm brewing which is often natures way of foreshadowing in storytelling. then its got this pulsing beat which brings the intensity. Next it's got this sketchy ass chime that keeps playing... Lol its kinda creepy. And finally, there is a undescribable sound that reminds me of zombie movies. It's hard to explain... Like it music had different races of people, and there were zombies.., this sound would definitely be the zombies... Lol :/ . Anyways this was fun, check it out!


Preformers, listeners, and fellow composers


I wish there was information on the preformers, listeners, and fellow composers but almost everyone on the site hasn't developed their profile... I don't know what to put here..



Top 2 favorite classmate's compositions Links


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jesse comment:

I liked this one. I like the combination of back alley mugging and zombies. This freesound composition makes me think of how horrifying it would be to get mugged by a zombie. I'd rather be mugged by a raving lunatic than a zombie. I would also rather be mugged by Santa Claus. I would also rather be mugged by Barney. I would also rather be mugged by Trey Connor. I would also rather be mugged by Butterlips. I would also rather be mugged by Prince, but not during the unpronounceable symbol stage because then I wouldn't be able to tell people who mugged me. I would also rather be mugged by Mighty Mouse, Andy Kaufman, Milos Forman, and Ken Kesey. I would also rather be mugged by Andy Warhol and forced to star in a sequel to his classic short film "Blowjob." I would also rather be mugged by Weird Al Yankovic. I would also rather be mugged by Yanni, and Kenny G, and Michael Bolton, and Phil Collins. I would also rather be mugged by Martin Scorsese. I would also rather be asleep. That's where I'm a viking. - Jesse Nevel

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