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Alex Mosers final project

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My Mission is to mature as a writer by digging deep into my thoughts, not being affriad to post any of my writings. I want to focus and stay creative in all aspects of my writing. This Paper will explain the purpose of taxation and how it keeps a nation stable and growing into the future. I hope it conviences people to think twice when elections come up about the effect off raising taxes because they normally do not go towards what politians promise.



 Conservation of Cash



Taxes are a thing that every American cannot hide from. One question brought up by the public "where is our money going?” Taxes keep our country operational. Americans argue tax money is being wasted in areas. I agree that our money is being wasted and that the government is not properly budgeting. Taxes go towards education, police, fire department, military, roads, government salaries, post office, and grants just to know a few. Military, government salaries, the prison system and grants are the main factors that people complain about when the topic of wasted tax dollars come about.

Military spending is an important thing to keep our country running as well as safe. Military spending produces jobs for individuals around the world. Our armed forces take care of our soldier’s medical, dental, and housing costs. These are questionable calls by some but I believe it is very fair. For a man or woman to risk their life to fight for their country they should have some very expensive perks. The United States Military budget is 514.4 Billion for the year of 2009. This will cover the costs to run our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Now what exactly does that 514.4 billion go towards? It is spent on individual's salaries, training, health care, civilian personnel, maintaining arms, equipment, facilities, operations, and developing new weapons. The United States spends 4.06% of the United States GDP this is the highest percent in the world compared to all of the world’s countries. A lot of money and effort goes into keeping our military to top conditions. If there are complications during the year the armed services can qualify to get extra money called emergency discretionary spending. This fund it calculated into the military budget but not included so when it does get added into the Military budget grows to a massive 651.2 Billion Dollars. It is important to take care of our soldiers’ and their families but one cost I do not condone is signing bonuses. For our tax money to be spent on an individual signing a sheet of paper is not right. For the Armed Services it is a great bargaining chip to get new teenagers to join up.

National Defense is the most important issue concerning terrorism. If the United States began to cut spending then our country would be put at more of a risk of attack. It is important for tax payers to understand the fact that more money spent the safer our country is. My statement does not mean to throw money everywhere. I do believe our country needs to rethink the budget and reduce spending where money is being wasted (signing bonuses). Doing so would greatly reduce our national debt.

Government Grants are another method where taxes could be wasted. Grants normally fund college students, scientists, non-profit organizations, and much more. The good think about grants is that they develop the community and strengthen communities economically. Many people are unaware that individuals can receive 20,000 dollars to improve their home, 50,000 dollars to start a small business, and another to grant to pay bills. Grants are not loans they never have to be paid back to the government. To qualify individuals do not need collateral, co-signers, people may even receive grants if they have filed for bankruptcy. I was unaware of these facts as well. I do not conquer the reasons that grants are given out. I believe they should be passed out for scientific, education, and non-profit purposes only. The other money can be given back to tax payers if they have so much to just give it away. One grant site that caught my eye in disgust was www.freegovernmentmoney.net. Free money sounds like a lot of wasted American tax dollars.

Government salaries are another issue where taxes could go to better to use. For example the president is a very powerful and respected man but does he really need 400,000 dollars a year along with a 50,000 dollar expense account, 100,000 dollar non-taxable travel account, and a 19,000 dollar entertainment account. This does not even mention the privileges the president will receive after office. Not to mention Congressional salaries are getting expensive to, yes I understand they must travel to and from Washington D.C. but do they really need vacation homes and extra perks. They are Government officials representing the people not celebrities.

Jail is a deterrent for everyone to behave in our society. It obviously is not working, in our prison system today men and women alike may receive a college education. Wonderful, it will help them in the future after returning to society. As a college student working to pay for books, classes, supplies, and food it disturbs me that my tax dollars pay for their education. Taking out loans is a painful process owing so much money right after graduation. The men and women of America obeying society’s laws yet those who are not receive a free college education paid for by us. Not to mention there three meals a day while people are starving on the streets. How is all of this being paid for you ask, well our taxes? First time offenders I would not mind them getting better treatment but those who are returning offenders should not have the benefit of the doubt. Thousands of dollars go into the prison system it is almost comparable that the American public is paying for a babysitter for men and women who cannot behave.

Tax dollars are an important resource for a country to maintain its self and citizens. Tax budges need to be recessed and spent on necessity rather than wants. I see tax dollars almost as a resource to the public that should be conserved and wisely spent. The priorities of our government have gone astray.


Alex, I'm looking at your project this afternoon. First question I have for you: what are you going to name your argument? It needs a title, one that will name the issue and frame it in a particular way for your audience.



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