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About me

Page history last edited by Jakub Garbacz 15 years, 9 months ago

 My name is Jakub Garbacz, and as you can figure out, I'm foreign. I was born twenty years ago, somewhere in the southern Poland, and I have spent almost 18 years of my live over there. Later I came to US, and now I live in Seminole, being just a freshmen in USF. One might ask why so late - well, staying in my country I would graduate from high school a year ago, but coming here, I couldn't graduate after only one year in American high school.


Before coming to US I studied english for five years, so sometimes I can still sound a little lame. I plan to get the bachelor's degree in business or accounting, and later I will think about the master's degree.


I love music (especially rock, plus some metal, classical, and even sang poetry), and reading books, especially from a fantasy genre. I also love soccer and snowboarding (not many occasions lately to do the last one).


Politically, I am probably a libertarian with some conservative tendencies. I love discussing various issues, although in a polite atmosphere.


Well, that's it for now. See you in the class.

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